Our Rancor Star Wars™ magnetic mini sculpture is the second in our Beast Collection. Inspired by the beast that lurks beneath the palace of the mighty Jabba the Hutt™ on Tatooine™, this piece was developed from the same high resolution laser scan we used in our newly released Rancor Prop Replica.

We were instantly enthralled when the rancor was first revealed Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. Our Rancor magnet captures his menacing look to a stunning level of accuracy and artistry.

Our Elements Series features crafted sculptures that are classically designed. Each piece in this art series will have a hand-finished premium “element” to create a look that evokes the subject. Designed, prototyped and produced in the USA, each magnet is cast in solid resin and hand painted by our artists in our New York studio with distinctive faux finishes. They ship ready to display.

Add this great set to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!

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