• 1:1 scale replica
  • Created by the original prop studio
  • Over 11 inches tall
  • Certificate of authenticity

"Do you seek jamaharon?"

During the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans were introduced to the planet Risa, a tropical resort paradise whose native population was known for their open sexuality. The Horga’hn statuette is the Risian symbol of fertility.  To own one is to call forth its powers, to display one is to announce you are seeking jamaharon, a mysterious sexual practice native to that world.  

In 1991, twenty-five copies of the Horga’hn were produced for use in the episode “Captain’s Holiday”. The studio which crafted the original props, created this 1:1 scale replica based on that work. Constructed from durable cast resin, this 55-ounce example is uniquely hand-finished to recreate what appeared on screen. No two are alike.  

Whether you are seeking jamaharon, or simply a great conversation piece, the Horga'hn is a welcome addition to your Legacy Series prop collection! Certificate of authenticity included.

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