Elite Edition A limited edition of just 200 pieces. The Elite Edition seeks to replicate the look of some of the props as used in filming Men In Black, after glare reduction techniques took place, and more closely replicates the look of the original props today. The body of the gun is raw cast aluminum, highly polished, but without any chrome plating. The barrel section is polished machined aluminum. Multiple props were produced for both MIB and MIBII, some with polished chromed rivets and some with black finished rivets. This version features black headed rivets to further differentiate it from the Limited Edition version. ADDED BONUS!. This very special Elite Edition is also a Signature Edition! Each Elite Replica will be shipped with an additional signature plaque, hand signed by the Producer of all 3 Men In Black Films, Mr Barry Sonnenfeld CUSTOMERS LOCATED IN AUSTRALIA - Please contact us if you wish to purchase this item BEFORE ORDERING by emailing support@factoryent.com. Specific permits are required to import this item into Australia.

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